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Top 10 Maternity Style Tips

1. Stripes are your friend. Believe it or not, horizontal stripes are flattering when you are pregnant. Yes, really! Stripes define your shape, ensuring you look pregnant, not frumpy.

2. Invest in good quality maternity bras. Your body is undergoing a dramatic change and you need to be comfortable and supported. You will look and feel beautiful because we all know the right bra improves the fit of our clothes.

3. Try it on. Some maternity clothes don’t necessarily look that great on the hanger. You never really know until you see it on!

4. Yes your favourite pre-bump t-shirts will stretch and will rise at the front as you grow and chances are they won’t return to their pre pregnancy shape. If you insist on wearing your old wardrobe, a Bando belly band is a necessity.

5. Layer with long cardigans or jackets that sit below your hips. This helps keep your body in proportion as your bump expands and also gives you a little extra coverage if you become self-conscious as your body changes.

6. Tights are a maternity wardrobe staple. Ponti fabric is your new best friend. Remember the golden rule (pregnant or not) tights are not pants. Tops must cover your bottom please!

7. Dare to experiment with style. Your body has changed so your favourites may no longer suit or be comfortable. Dabble with boho-chic and rock a maxi dress with flat sandals, you may never look back. Or try wide legged pants for a comfortable but tailored look – no one can see that elasticized waistband under a long rouched maternity top.

8. Look and feel beautiful by wearing maternity lingerie and sleepwear. Feminine, comfortable, dare we say sexy and also functional for feeding, after baby has arrived.

9. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Flaunt your new found cleavage with beautiful necklaces. Wear a long narrow silk scarf to elongate your body and use it when baby arrives as a breastfeeding cover. Play with colourful bangles, cuffs, earrings and rings to extend the versatility of your basic maternity pieces. Get the new baby bag out a few months early; a large tote will keep your look in proportion.

10. Dressing to be comfortable doesn’t mean looking sloppy. You don’t have to compromise on style just because you are pregnant.

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