Maternity Wardrobe Planning Tips

  1. Your body is about to change dramatically. Celebrate the change, because what is happening is truly amazing! Now let’s work with it!
  2. Determine which seasons your trimesters will coincide with.
  3. Look at your current seasonal wardrobe and work out what will fit you in your first trimester. Remember your favorite t-shirt may not retain its original shape!
  4. Then look at all the clothes leftover and identify the items that you wear all the time e.g. jeans, work pants, work skirts, casual dresses, shirts etc. These are the clothes that will need replacing with maternity pieces.
  5. Think about colour. Imagine you are packing for a holiday and choose a colour scheme you can mix and match with to maximize the versatility of your maternity wardrobe.
  6. Look at your social calendar. Are you heading to the races, a black tie function, a wedding or a baby moon, your baby shower? Plan your special occasion pieces early, especially if you need swimmers for a tropical holiday in the middle of winter.
  7. Now think about accessories. Adorn your décolletage with pretty necklaces and be proud of that new found cleavage. Select some long scarves for a burst of colour and a longer look. Chunky pieces in vibrant colours; bangles, cuffs, rings, beads will add flexibility to your maternity pieces. Your baby bag is an important accessory, start looking now.
  8. Visit our on-line store, Facebook page or Instagram to take a look at the current season stock on offer and get an idea of what you like.
  9. Visit our store and start trying on the clothes. Some maternity clothes have very little hanger appeal. We even have a little bump you can use to get an idea of how your new maternity clothes with grow with you.
  10. Book a ‘Shop in Style’ private shopping appointment in our store and let us help you create your maternity wardrobe.

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